Ethical Supply Chain Commitment

Chilada is committed to managing social, ethical and environmental issues along its supply chain. Chilada requires its suppliers to ensure compliance to the standards set out in this Code within their own operations and that they actively work to assess and manage compliance in their supply chain, including supplying factories and raw materials producers.

Chilada suppliers must comply with local and national laws related to labour practices and ensure that workers are afforded the highest level of protection, whether that be under local law or the following principles:

-       Employment is freely chosen

-       Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected

-       Working conditions are safe and hygienic

-       Child labour is not used

-       Living wages are paid

-       Working hours are not excessive

-       No discrimination is practiced

-       Regular employment is provided

-       No harsh or inhumane treatment is used

-       No forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour or requiring workers to lodge deposits or identity papers. Allowing workers to leave freely after providing reasonable notice.

Chilada does not condone the use of child or forced labour and does not condone human trafficking. All Suppliers are required to ensure that all reasonable efforts are employed to eliminate child labour, forced labour, the exploitation of workers and/or deceptive practices in the recruitment of workers both in their own operations, in their supplying factories and in their own supply chains, including raw materials producers.   

Suppliers must ensure workers' health and safety, including the structural safety of their facilities and ensure no unsafe buildings are inhabited.

Suppliers must take all reasonable measures to conduct their business activities in an ethical manner, without bribery, corruption or any type of fraudulent or unethical behaviour, including during any audits conducted by, or on behalf of, Chilada.

Suppliers and their supply chain must comply with local and national laws related to environmental standards, including ensuring chemicals harmful to humans and the environment are restricted and their management of energy, water and waste practices are documented.

In the event of serious breaches of the Code or non-compliance over an extended period, remedial actions may include the cancellation of orders and the termination of the business relationship and the remedial actions pursued by Chilada.