Ggomoosin and Komuello shoes are the most comfortable and unique footwear for tiny toes.

Our light-weight shoes are breathable, machine washable, and great for crawling or cruising indoors or out.

Available in novelty prints to everyday neutrals, these shoes are mom-tested and approved – a functional and fashionable necessity for every baby’s wardrobe.

The features and benefits of our shoes are:

- Easy on/Easy-off: our knit upper provides the comfort of a sock. Superior elasticity helps keep them on.

- Natural: our soles are created from non-toxic, BPA free, recyclable, 100% TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) rubber material (often used in baby teething toys) provides a flexible and supportive sole making it easier to walk or run.

- Slip-resistant: beehive patterned TPE natural rubber sole is perfect for indoor, outdoor, poolside, pre-school, hospital.

- Extra Comfort with Komuello: our patented unique ‘Air Pocket’ between the sock layer and sole provides extra cushion and prevents sweaty baby feet for superior comfort and breathability.

- Ultra-light: approx. 28g

- Washable: hand wash or machine washable.

- Ethically made in Korea without adhesive or harmful materials.

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